A service specifically dedicated to supporting children up to the age of 18 through bereavement

Forever Green child bereavement support, a service specifically dedicated to supporting children up to the age of 18 through bereavement.

Latest research identifies that 127 children experience the death of a parent or sibling every day in the UK, it’s clear to see that there are children experiencing grief who are in desperate need of support and therefore Forever Green intend to support these children and young people.

Forever Green relies on referrals from local authorities including the NHS, infant, primary and secondary schools and from family members or friends who have recommended our services and passed our details onto those who have lost someone and need some guidance and support.

Our Services

Forever Green offer a range of services free of charge to support those children and young people who are grieving. This includes grief journals and literature that we provide at the time we receive a referral and given on the individual needs, we also provide specialist 1-1 bereavement counselling and support for children and young people who have experienced the death of someone close to them and information and guidance for families.

We will be holding annual events for all referrals to come along too, whether it’s a family day, walks and talks or to simply bring those children and young ones together so they don’t feel so alone on this rollercoaster called grief. We want to show children that although death and loss is extremely difficult, that they can still grow and flourish in life and learn how to embrace the love and loss they feel to help them achieve this with pride.

Our Coverage

We aim to offer our services throughout Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire and with support and fundraising more children and young people can be helped during such difficult times.


Support from our followers and fundraisers is what allows us to help so many Children and young people. If you would like to enquire on how you can raise money on behalf of Forever Green or would like to do a sponsored event representing Forever Green, please contact us.

All donations whether big or small make a huge difference to the people we support.  If you’d like to make a donation please do so by clicking the ‘Make A Donation’ button below or contact us for donation enquiries.

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